Collection: Gift Card Holders

I tested out a small collection of gift card holders at a Christmas Market.  I made several styles and colours to make gift card giving more fun and personalized. These special holders were decorated and customized on the front with fun stamping, stencilling, and die cuts.  There is a little pocket on the backside to tuck the card in. 

Going forward, there will be a variety of themes including birthday, wedding, and Christmas and more.  These little tags could hold a custom gift card for a gift that has not arrived or to be paid for by you on the future.  I have added some sample photos to the menu to give you an idea of what can be done.

I currently don’t have stock on these gift card holders, but if you need something before I have stock, please reach out to me using the contact button and we can chat about next steps.  I would love to help make your gift card giving more special!