Graphic Design

Graphics for Business  
I have provided custom graphic design for local businesses in the Trenton, Ontario area. I have worked with clients to create branded packaging, shopping bag labels, resort maps, website icons and product labels. I have also created many of the usual business requirements such a business cards, flyers and signs. If you have lost your digital logo, I can re-create almost anything.

Graphics for Pleasure
You don't have to be a business to use my services. I have created some custom pieces for individuals to use in their announcements, celebratory functions and custom gift cards. I have even made some custom gift cards and gift tags as well as created artwork to be used by Big Box stores for ordering calendars, coffee cups and photo books.

If you have an idea you want brought to life, for business or pleasure, please send me a note with the Contact Me button. I'd be happy to make your acquaintance and work with you!

Please check out My Design Portfolio under the Graphics Tab in the menu to see some of my custom work.