My Portfolio

Graphic Design for Business

Business Cards - Design and Printed  My client designed his own logo by hand and I digitized his work.  Once the logo was completed, a double sided business card was designed and printed   


Sign Design  My client wanted a sign to take with him when doing his chainsaw carvings. A great way to promote while working on his projects. We had enough made for him to leave outside his home as well as for a limited period of time for his newer carvings. Inexpensive and easy advertising!


Retail Display Pouch Toppers  My client displays many of her items on racking. I designed the pouch topper to be customizable by adding an Avery type label to identify the product and price point. A great branding opportunity.   


3” Bag Labels  My client uses paper bags for customer purchases. These 3” labels are attached to the bags for branding. A fabulous eco-friendly approach. 


Custom Promotional Sticker  My client requested a give away sticker to be given to her customers with their purchases. I designed these and had them printed on round Avery labels  



Graphic Design For Pleasure

DigiArt Caricature  I create DigiArt Caricatures for anyone who is looking for a special, customized graphic for yourself, friend, or loved one. You can personalize all kinds of things from coffee cups, PowerPoint presentations, and cards with my caricatures  I will provide hardcopy, JPG, PDF or PNG files as required.  See below for some samples!

          DigiArt Michelle                        Real Michelle

Guest Book at Events  
I created the cover for a personalized Guestbook for my dad’s Celebration of Life. This guest book could be for a special birthday gathering, a shower, or anniversary!


Newspaper Ad for Events  I can assist with special personalized newspaper ads like the one I created for our local newspaper for my Dad’s Celebration of Life. I'd be happy to design a special announcement for you!  

Personalized Coffee Mugs Or… 
 I can create special graphics for personalized mugs, glasses or photo books, and more. I can add that extra special touch to almost anything!

Birthday Invitations - Digital Or Cardstock  
I can design a custom invitation or announcement for any event. You can send by email or have them printed and sent you the old fashioned way! 


Custom Gift Card & Cash Holders  
Would you like to make your gift card or cash present a little more special? How about a special gift card or cash holder to show it off? 


Custom Gift Cards For the person on you gift list that is hard to buy for! Do you need a custom gift card? I can create a unique card to tell the recipient he/she has a special gift from you. Maybe it’s a car wash, or movie night on you, or a dessert from your kitchen or the recipients favourite bakery? This is a Date Night gift I gave my husband last year with a gift card to our favourite burrito place. There is an inside pocket to hold the actual gift card too if you need one! If you can dream it up, I can make it.