Graphics For Pleasure

Graphics For Pleasure

My slogan says “Graphics for business or pleasure.” I know that graphics for business makes sense; it is design work I do for businesses to make business cards, signs, brochures, package design, branding items and other business related items. That said, I am sure you are wondering what a graphic designer might do for personal needs.

Today’s post is a little introduction to what I can do for non-business folks. Graphic design is not just for commercial accounts.

Do you want a special custom greeting card, perhaps for a birthday or a retirement or any other occasion?  I can also create a digitally printed card just for that occasion.  I can even create a special graphic just for you; a custom sentiment and perhaps a special note on the inside!   

In addition to general graphics, I create DigiArt Caricatures of people… perfect to customize a special card for family, friends, and co-workers.  My featured image for this blog is a special Mother's Day gift I made for my mom.  I created DigiArt caricatures of my siblings and my mom which I had put on a coffee mug.  A fun gift for her!

These caricatures are cute cartoony likenesses which can be used on a custom card or be used for a special gift… a mug, a calendar, a poster and more.

 Custom Mug With DigiArt Caricature

Customized Mug

I have used these caricatures for a number of other places too. I have used them in newspaper announcements for birthdays and Celebrations of Life; in PowerPoint presentations at a variety of gatherings that have a slideshow of photos; or in special photo books printed by your favourite photo place.  So many places to use them! 

Announcement in local paper 

 Custom Cover for Guestbook

I can also help with any personal print needs for that special affair - made just for you!  These include:

  • Celebration Itineraries
  • Menu Cards for weddings and other large gatherings
  • Thank you cards
  • Announcements
  • Invitations
  • Notices - in print or digital
  • Custom gift cards digital & handmade
  • Any special project you can imagine 

Below, I have some samples of non-business graphics that I have done - many are for special occasions and gift giving. 

How about a gift card to take your special someone out for dinner?  Make it nicer with a special card for date night! 

Is there a gift that’s hard to wrap? How about a custom gift card for that?  A special card to hold a Home Hardware Gift Card for Paint. 


Or a custom digitally printed birthday card…

How about a basic coffee shop gift card made more special... the gift of coffee plus a special holiday greeting inside!  Perfect for that co-worker or neighbour!


Of course anything that can be printed can be created digitally so you can send things to friends and family by email or post on your event website, personal blog or website.  Here are a few examples of invitations sent by email, but of course, a few were mailed to those who had no email.  The sky is the limit!

Birthday Party Invitation

Wedding Invitation

I know many of you are not in my hometown of Trenton but with the help of modern technology, we can work together to create the perfect project, for business or pleasure!  I have worked with clients several hours from me on a variety of jobs.  My latest is a packaging design project. My client is not local to me, and the packaging company she chose is in Toronto so we are working on this project all across Ontario. Yay for technology!  I will be thrilled to share when it’s complete.  

I look forward to helping businesses and individuals alike with their graphics needs - whether you are near to me or hundreds of miles away!  Send me a note in the Contact Me section of my website or visit my Facebook page and drop me a line.  Don't forget to leave me a comment on my blog too!  I love to hear what you think.

Artfully yours


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