Tour My Online Studio With Me

Tour My Online Studio With Me

Hello to all!  It has been a very long minute since I’ve posted.  Today, I thought I’d take you on a mini tour of my online studio.  There is more to see than just my Home page.  I worked diligently to make a site that was able to help you find things easier.  Please join me on my tour!

On A Cell Phone

When you first enter my studio, you will see pics of all my new items on the home page. Most of the new items are greeting cards, but I will be adding more DigiArt and samples of new custom Digi Caricatures soon.  

If you get to the bottom of the New items, you can view the 3 collections I am featuring. At the time of this blog post, the collections I am featuring items that are my Handmade Cards; my DigiArt - Fun & Colourful; and my DigiArt - Line Art collections.

You will see a black button that says Shop All. If you click this, you will be able to scroll through and see all the items in my studio. Don’t forget to click through the various numbers at the bottom to see everything. Right now, the Shop All is organized alphabetically.

Using The Menu

If you prefer, you can navigate my studio using the menus.  In the upper left part of the screen you will see 3 white lines.  If you click this, you will find my main menu.

This menu will help you  find something specific. You can navigate my site by subject.  Any topic with an arrow on the right side has a sub menu and more info!

  • Home
  • Artfully Yours Blog
  • Browse Online Studio
  • Greeting Cards & Notecards
  • DigiArt
  • Graphic Design
  • This and That
  • About MvpDigiArt
  • Contact Me


Home will take you back to the main page

Artfully Yours is my blog where I sometimes post information or add updates.

Browse Online Studio allows you to see all my products organized in alphabetical order.

The remaining items have other sub menus to help you find things.

If you click Greeting Cards & Notecards you will find another menu that helps you find cards by Occasion (birthday, Christmas, thank you, and more) or by card type (digital, handmade, or hybrid).

To get back to the main menu, click the left pointing arrow at the top of the page.

If you click DigiArt Items, you will find a sub menu that will take you to my Fun & Colourful work or to my Line Art work.

If you want to learn more about my graphic design, click the Graphic Design arrow; if you would like to know more about me and my business, click About MvpDigiArt. If you would like to ask for info, click Contact Me!

If you have created an account with me, you can log in at the bottom.

Home Page Extras

If you scroll all the way down, to the very bottom of my Home Page, you will find some quick links to get some answers to Frequently Asked Questions, a Studio Search, About Me and Contact Me.  You can also submit your email to receive my occasional updates.  I promise not to spam you or sell your info!

You can also access my Facebook and Instagram from here too! Please feel free to click either icon, and  follow my social media to see my next creation!


Anytime you see the black banner across the top of the page, you will see a magnifying glass on the upper right part of the page. If you click this, you can search for a specific occasion such as birthday or wedding. You can even search by motif like heart, hat, or butterfly!  If there is a product with a search word in the title or description, all items will pop up!

Last but not least, to the right of the magnifying glass, you will see the shopping basket icon. 

On A Computer

Essentially everything is the same except the Menu items are across different he top of the screen in the black banner when you land at the home page  

Well gentle readers, that concludes my online studio tour.  I hope this tour makes finding that special card, or digital print easier to find.  Hopefully my next post won’t be so long in the making.  

So until next time…



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