About Me

I am a graphic designer and handmade greeting and notecard maker. When I’m not at my crafting desk or my computer, you can find me in the kitchen preparing a fabulous meal with a good dose of hidden healthy (shhhhhhhh don’t tell anyone).

I was born artistically inclined with a good eye for what is visually appealing, though I never had the courage to jump in both feet and follow this path as a career. That said, I have spent 25+ years learning my graphics software and have created many beautiful things for personal use.

I have been fortunate to have found a few local businesses with whom I do business. I have been able to help bring their products and ideas to print in our local community for the past several years and I would like to help others do the same. I would also like to make my skills available to the non-business sector too; perhaps you have a special event that needs printed materials, or you want some special graphics for a personalized project … I’m your gal; graphic design for business or pleasure!

In addition to graphic design, I also make greeting and notecards. This traditionally handmade craft is the perfect extension of my tech based graphics design skill set. In order to make my creations available, I opened this online shop where you can view and purchase my cards or my DigiArt.